Alumni Weekend 2021

Alumni Weekend 2021

Who's coming as of 02/26/2021

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First Name Last Name Class School Guest(s)
Shaun Abrams 2020 School of Dentistry
Taejoon Ahn
Lawrence Alejandre 1977 School of Pharmacy
Yamrot Alemu 2016 School of Dentistry
Kathy Ansarinia 1993 School of Dentistry
Kathleen (Seitz) Anthony 1976 School of Dentistry
Mercedeh Baghai 1996 School of Medicine
Patricia Baldwin 1975 School of Nursing
Kayee Bank 2000 School of Nursing
Henry Bennett 1969 School of Dentistry
Constance Borden 1984 School of Nursing
Paul Brinich 1971 School of Medicine
Matthew Bryant 2002 School of Pharmacy Candy Tsourounis
Ann Byler 1991 School of Pharmacy Laurence Byler
Laurence Byler Ann Byler
Ted Camaisa 1989 School of Dentistry
Jeanine (Fornaciari) Cardelli 1975 School of Dentistry
Corie Carroll William Carroll
William Carroll 1980 School of Dentistry Corie Carroll
Daniela Carusi 1996 School of Medicine
Xochitl Castaneda Graduate Division Marc Schenker
Robert Castle 1966
Eduardo Castro 1996 School of Dentistry
Arpi Chalian 1998 School of Medicine
Lola Chan 1989 School of Medicine
William Chan 1976 School of Dentistry
Leo Chang 2019 School of Dentistry
Veronica Chang 1990 School of Dentistry
Teresa Chau 1991 School of Dentistry
Jennifer Cheng 2004 School of Pharmacy
Christopher Cheung 2019 School of Medicine
Chamroeunpaul Chhean 2019 School of Nursing
Ranyee Chiang 2008 Graduate Division
Jessica Chin
Gene Chu 1989 School of Dentistry
Jeffrey Chu Sandy Chun
GEOFFREY chun 1983 School of Medicine
Sandy Chun 1982 School of Medicine Jeffrey Chu
Ken Coelho 2010 School of Medicine
Angel Daniel Comelli 1976
Dave Cone Pamela Cone
Pamela Cone 2006 School of Nursing Dave Cone
Elise Cook 1988 School of Medicine
Stephen Cook 1997 School of Medicine
Yvette Cuca 2013 School of Nursing
Gaylyn Curti
Deborah Dauber 2001 Graduate Division
cindy davis Leon Davis
Leon Davis 1985 School of Dentistry cindy davis
Nelson Der 1964 School of Pharmacy
Jeffrey Dieden School of Medicine
Diane Dodd 2012 School of Dentistry
Amy (Tracewell) Drew 2000 Graduate Division
Anna (Merello) Edwards 1967 Graduate Division
Elissa Epel 2000 Graduate Division
Jane (Bradford) Evans 1980 School of Nursing
Cyrus Ezzati 1989 School of Dentistry
Marguerite Fahrner 1970 School of Nursing
Brandi Faia 1998 School of Dentistry
Joel Feigenbaum 1962 School of Medicine
John Fletcher 1957 School of Medicine
Janet Flett Virginia White
Nerissa Freeman 1997 Graduate Division
Laurel Friesen 1975 School of Nursing
David Friscia 1984 School of Medicine Karen Friscia
Karen Friscia David Friscia
Mariela Gamboa 1991 School of Dentistry
Melanie Garcia 2020 School of Nursing
Brooke Gardner 2012 Graduate Division
Joan Gill Holly Hansen
Susan (Wilner) Golden 1986 Graduate Division
Ernest Goodson 1984 School of Dentistry
Carolyn (Johnson) Gulledge 1959 School of Nursing
Judy Haber 1971 Graduate Division
María Elena Hanley
Holly Hansen 1998 School of Nursing Joan Gill
Jennie (Chin) Hansen 1971 School of Nursing
Alice Hatashita 1961
David Heeren 1972 School of Pharmacy
Elizabeth ((Leibel)) Herb 1972 School of Medicine John Herb
John Herb Elizabeth ((Leibel)) Herb
Donald Hermansen 1973 School of Dentistry
Rosa Hernandez
Carmen Hipona 1996 School of Dentistry
Dean Hirabayashi 1974 School of Medicine
Kenn Horowitz 1966 School of Pharmacy
Hazel (Lim) Hoshiko 1972 School of Pharmacy
Nick Hu 2013 Graduate Division
Isabella Hughes 1989 School of Nursing Isabella Hughes
Isabella Hughes 1989 School of Nursing Isabella Hughes
Stanford Ishihara 1975 School of Medicine
Sharon Jacobson 1966 School of Medicine
John Jeppson 1989 School of Dentistry
Charito Jimenez 1989 School of Dentistry
Ashley Johnson 2020 School of Nursing
Jeany (Kim) Jun 2001 School of Pharmacy
Eileen Kahn 1986 School of Nursing
Yan Kalika 2001 School of Dentistry
Linda (Kan) Kan-Huey 1977 School of Pharmacy
Wendy Katzman 2006 Graduate Division
Cynthia (Enriquez) Keely 1979 School of Nursing
Kathryn (Healey) Keller 1979 School of Pharmacy
Jeanne Kemppainen 1997 School of Nursing
Edward Kim 1975 School of Medicine
Mee Kim 2013 Graduate Division
Nancy Kirkpatrick 1979 School of Nursing
Walter Kitagawa 1974 School of Dentistry
Sandra (Dixon) Knudson 1979 School of Nursing
William Koole 1984 School of Pharmacy
Gary Laird 1991 School of Pharmacy
Scott Lambert School of Medicine
Judith Lamberti 1978 School of Medicine Richard Rudd
Roger Lauer 1966 School of Medicine
June Lee 1997 School of Pharmacy
Tinney Leong 2020 School of Nursing
Linda Leum School of Medicine
Diana Levin 2016 Graduate Division
Rose Lewis 1974 School of Medicine
Robert Longinetti 1971 School of Pharmacy
Arnold Loo 1989 School of Medicine
Adara Louis 2004 School of Pharmacy
Louise Lu 2001 School of Pharmacy
Deborah (Skootsky) Lubow 1971 School of Nursing
Janet (Warda) Lyle 1985 School of Pharmacy
Shalini Lynch 1992 School of Pharmacy
Michael Mah 1986 School of Medicine
Beryl Manasevit 1976 School of Nursing
Soraya Mangondato 2005 School of Nursing
Mallika Marshall 1996 School of Medicine
Barbara (Sterns) Mayer 1975 School of Nursing
Ann Mayo 2008 School of Nursing Ron Mayo
Ron Mayo Ann Mayo
Isabelle Melese-d'Hospital 1993 Graduate Division
Bonnie Miller 1991 School of Nursing
Keiko Miyahara 2015 School of Dentistry
Michele (Chen) Ng 1995 School of Pharmacy
Lynda Nguyen 2009 School of Pharmacy
Peter Nose 1992 School of Medicine
Geri Lynn Okamoto 1997 School of Dentistry
Judith Oken Richard Oken
Richard Oken 1971 School of Medicine Judith Oken
Diane Ozasa Bell 1983 School of Pharmacy
Marina Elvira Padilla-Millan 2020 Graduate Division
Katrina Peirce 1995 School of Nursing
Mario Peraza
Mark Perez 1983 School of Dentistry
Saida-Gracia Perez 2013 Graduate Division
Margaret Perkinson 1989 Graduate Division
Randal Pham 1988 School of Medicine
Elana Quan 1988 School of Dentistry
Christine Ratto 2007 School of Nursing
Jurate Raulinaitis 1987 School of Dentistry
Elizabeth Robinson 1991 School of Nursing
Maria Rocha
Ada Rubin Robert Rubin
Robert Rubin 1961 School of Medicine Ada Rubin
Richard Rudd Judith Lamberti
Robin Sanderson 2019 School of Nursing
Kamal Sandhu 2011 School of Pharmacy
Marc Schenker 1973 School of Medicine Xochitl Castaneda
Allen Schuster Cathy (Hrastich) Schuster
Cathy (Hrastich) Schuster 1977 School of Nursing Allen Schuster
Lillian Seu 2011 Graduate Division
Mary Sheehan 1978 School of Nursing
Vincent Siefe 1987 School of Dentistry
John Skhal 1971 School of Pharmacy
David Smith 1964 School of Medicine
Kathleen Smith
Norman Smith 1968 School of Medicine
Hanna Starobinets 2016
Barbara (Blooomer) Steinberg 1965 School of Nursing
Sharon (Mindlin) Steinberg 1968 School of Nursing
Janice Stinson 1997 School of Nursing
Patricia Stone-Hokenson 1986 School of Nursing
Matthew Sugidono 2019 School of Pharmacy
Marie Sullivan Peter Sullivan
Peter Sullivan 1971 School of Medicine Marie Sullivan
Iris Tam 1991 School of Pharmacy
Ronald Tamaru 1982 School of Medicine
Siok-Hian Tay-Kelley 2009 School of Nursing
Jasmine Taylor 2006 Graduate Division
Mary Thomas 1983 School of Nursing
John Trueb 1982 School of Dentistry
Candy Tsourounis 2002 School of Pharmacy Matthew Bryant
Joseph (Ureño) Ureno 2019 Graduate Division
Alicia Valerio 2020 School of Nursing
Alan Verostick
Bernhard Votteri 1964 School of Medicine
An Vu 2011 Graduate Division
Lynda Watson 1973 School of Pharmacy Tom Watson
Tom Watson Lynda Watson
Robert Wells 1965 School of Medicine
Cynthia (Tracas) Wesp 1974 School of Nursing
Martha (Milligan) White 1975 School of Dentistry
Virginia White 1981 School of Pharmacy Janet Flett
Mark Wilson 1996 School of Medicine
Reynold Wong 1980 School of Medicine
Wilma Wong 1973 School of Pharmacy
Rita Yee 1983 School of Nursing
Margaret Yelich-Puccinelli 1986 School of Nursing
Donald Zweig 1979 School of Medicine

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